Onward from Alamein - Sherman II Tank

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Sherman II 9th Lancers 1st Armoured Division Tank Military Vehicle Art Painting Print by Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


Among General Montgomery's assortment of new weaponry available to him for the opening of second Alamein in October 1942 were nearly 300 Sherman tanks of the M4A1 and M4A2 variants, known to the British as Sherman II and Sherman III. In comparison to the earlier British vehicles the 8th Army had used, the Sherman was a great improvement as they were able to fire an effective High Explosive shell and could knock out all axis vehicles in the desert at the time. 


1st Armoured Division was equipped with both the Sherman II and the Crusader III, this particular vehicle coming from the 9th Lancers. The original oil on canvas board painting is currently available and measures 22" x 15" with a framed size of 26" x 19".


This print has been released in two sizes, both of 100 copies each. All prints come signed and numbered by the artst.

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