Coronation Scot - 6229 Duchess of Hamilton

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6229 Duchess of Hamilton Coronation Scot Railway Locomotive - John Austin Railway Art Print


One of the most iconic trains ever to run in Britain, the LMSR’s “Coronation” service set new standards in luxury and speed for its time. The locomotives intended to haul these trains were larger, more powerful versions of William Stanier’s successful Princess class. Forever known as the ‘Duchess’ class, the first, 6220 “Coronation”, was outshopped from Crewe works in May 1937. The striking Blue/Silver livery was complemented by the Crimson/ Gold of later locomotives and the challenge to the LNER’s dominance of high speed running to Scotland proved an irresistible draw for the British public and when it was announced that the speed record for steam had been broken at 114mph, the LMS had one of the finest locomotives in the world.


This is an Open Edition print. Image Size 17.5" x 13" (440mm x 330mm). Overall Size 19.5" x 15.75" (500mm x 400mm)

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