English Electric Legends - D9009 Alycidon & Lightning

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English Electric Deltic and Lightning Locomotive and  Aircraft Painting Art Print by Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


By the early 1960s Britain's Railways and Air Force were beginning to change out of all recognition. The English Electric company was at the forefront of this modernisation with two products that revolutionised their areas and became legends in the process

The Deltic, first tested in the late 1950s, was the most powerful diesel locomotive in Britain when introduced and such was its effect on the East Coast Main Line that just 22 replaced all the express steam locomotives of BR's Eastern Region. 100mph running also became the norm and they continue to be a firm favourite among Railway Enthusiasts. The locomotive seen here is D9009 Alycidon which is today one of six Deltics preserved and has run on both heritage and the main line since her retirement from British Rail in the early 1980s.

 The aircraft in the painting are Lightning F1A from 56 Squadron. To this day one of the fastest climbing aircraft ever, the Lightning was a revelation to its pilots and defended British skies for over 25 years. These impressive performers are no longer seen in the skies over the UK but have flown in South Africa in recent years and there is a group hoping to get one flying in the USA. For anyone wishing to experience the exhilarating sight of a 'live' Lightning, can we suggest one of the fast runs performed at Bruntingthorpe by the Lightning Preservation Group.   

This print is available in two sizes, both limited to 100 each. Every print is signed and numbered by the artist.

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