Light Load for Wadebridge - 34007 Wadebridge

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West Country Class Bulleid Pacific Art Print by Stuart Booth


Bulleid Light Pacific 34007 'Wadebridge' is seen with a short train travelling along the Camel Estuary between Padstow and Wadebridge.


The Light Pacifics and their larger Mercahnt Navy cousins introduced many novel features to British locomotive design, including the valve gear being immersed in an oil bath and the unprecedented boiler pressure for a large class of 280 p.s.i.

After Nationalisation British Railways undertook the redesigning and rebuilding of most of the Light Pacifics and all the Merchant Navy class but a number of locomotives remained unaltered and continued to work on the lighter lines that their heavier rebuilt counterparts could not work. 

The locomotive was sold out of service before being rescued and returned to service by the Wadebridge Locomotive Society in 2006.

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