139 Sq Bristol F2b

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Bristol F2b Aviation Art Print by Russell Smith ASAA


The Bristol Fighter was a manoeuvrable, heavily armed two-seater biplane, and one of the most successful fighters of the war. It got off to a poor start during "Bloody April" when it was introduced to the Western Front by inexperienced pilots. Believing that the aircraft was structurally weak, pilots avoided violent manoeuvres during combat. It was soon realised however that the Bristol fighter was actually a very sturdy aircraft and it could be manoeuvred as if it were a single seat fighter with rear protection. Bristol crews met with great success by using their aircraft in this way. By the end of the war over 240 pilots and gunners achieved ace status in the type.


Printed on acid free stock with fade resistant inks, the print is signed by Russell Smith. The image size on this print is 15" x 10.5". The overall size including borders is 17" x 13".

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