Kevin Walsh - Evening Departure - RMS Queen Mary

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Ocean Liner Birthday Card – RMS Queen Mary


Now preserved in Long Beach, California, RMS Queen Mary is one of the most famous of all the luxury liners. Built by John Brown Shipyard on Clydebank, the ship entered service in 1936, becoming one of the most famous ships afloat until its eventual withdrawal in 1967. Holder of the coveted ‘Blue Riband’ twice, she was the flagship of Cunard from 1936-1946. Her work during WWII is legendary and was mentioned, along with her sistership RMS Queen Elizabeth, as being one of the factors that shortened the war in Europe.


In Kevin Walsh’s Ocean Liner Birthday Card the ship is seen awaiting to depart on another trip to the States, watched as normal by on-lookers marvelling at her size and majesty.

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