Lee Lacey - Desert Greyhounds - Crusader Tank (W)

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Crusader Cruiser Tank Military Vehicle Art Painting Greetings Card by Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


The Crusader is arguably one of the finest looking tanks of the 1939-45 conflict and was certainly one of the fastest with a top speed in excess of 40mph with power from a Nuffield Liberty engine. Alas, like so many other British tanks of the time, the Crusader was under-armed with only a 2-pounder gun in the Mk.I and Mk.II guises with a armour to a maximum of only 40mm on the Mk.I and 48mm on the Mk.II. The later Mk.III variant was fitted with the much-improved 6-pounder gun and would see service in the latter part of the Desert campaign and Tunisia. Though replaced by the Cromwell and Sherman in time for the Normandy landings, Crusaders were used as both anti-aircraft tanks and gun tractors for the 17-pounder A/T gun.


Preparing to move as the sun just comes up, this crew show some of the necessities for desert living, including a tea pot!

The original oil on canvas board painting is currently available and measures 22" x 15" with a framed size of 26" x 19". 


This print has been released in two sizes, both of 100 copies each. All prints come signed and numbered by the artst.

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