Maiden Arrival - SS France

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Robert Lloyd Marine Painting of French Line CGT Liner France arriving at New York on her Maiden Voyage


Mirroring Normandie a generation before, France was built as a true showpiece of French design, cuisine and culture. One of the last ships built for the North Atlantic passenger route she was launched in 1960 by Madame de Gaulle, wife of the French president.


France had been begun in 1957 but by the time of her maiden voyage in 1962, the introduction of aircraft such as the Boeing 707 had reduced the time needed to cross the Atlantic from days to hours. Upon arrival at New York on her maiden arrival however she still received the same welcome as many of her famous predecessors had and was able to remain in service through much of the 1960s due to the quality of her service and cuisine. The 1970s brought much leaner times and in 1974 she was laid up at Le Havre. There, she passed through two new owners before departing for Bremerhaven in 1979 for conversion to a cruise ship of Norwegian Cruise Lines. 


Beginning her new lease of life as the Norway, she would sail for another twenty years and be rebuilt several times to increase the number of people carried.


In this marine art painting print by Robert G. Lloyd, France is seen on that triumphant maiden arrival in New York in 1962.


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