Sailing in Tandem - Queen Victoria & QE2

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Marine Painting Art Print of the Atlantic crossing made by Queen Elizabeth 2 (QE2) and Queen Victoria from 6th January 2008 by Robert G. Lloyd


The only time these two wonderful ships crossed the Atlantic together, Queen Victoria was just starting her first round-the-world cruise while QE2 was coming to the end of a service life of over forty years.


QE2 is well documented on other parts of the site while Queen Victoria was originally planned for the name of a 'Vista' class ship built for Cunard by Fincantieri. The realisation that such ships would not do well in the Atlantic resulted in a new design of some 90,000 tons. Named by the Duchess of Cornwall, she has proven to be highly profitable for Cunard with the maiden voyage being sold out before the ship was even completed.


Robert Lloyd shows the ships plying their trade in a typical Atlantic sea with the older, yet faster QE2 taking the lead.

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