Superstars of 36 - SS100 Jaguar and Supermarine Spitfire

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SS100 Jaguar and Supermarine Spitfire Classic British Car Art Print by transport artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


The year 1936 saw the beginning of two legends. K5054, the prototype Supermarine Spitfire first flew on March 5 1936, though the colour scheme seen here was not applied until sometime later.

 The SS100 'Jaguar' was also first built in 1936, continuing in production until 1940. When SS started production again after WWII,  the connotations of the term 'SS' meant that a change of company trading name was required, with the company becoming 'Jaguar' in  March 1945. 

This print is produced in two sizes, each limited to 100 of each. They are signed and numbered by the artist. 


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