Mike Jefferies - On Manoeuvres - Diamond T

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British Army Diamond T tank transporter and Centurion Tank Blank Birthday Fathers Day Card


The Diamond T family of vehicles were some of the most important of the WWII and immediate post war era. Used for recovery, general service and as seen here as tank transporters, the tractor unit could be hooked up to a number of different trailers.


Here an equally important Centurion tank, backbone of Britain's tank strength for almost thirty years, is transported on a Dyson 50-ton trailer nearing Salisbury Plain. Stone Henge is in the background. The Diamond T would be replaced in British service by the Thornycroft Antar in the mid/late 1950s, though a number would still be used by TA regiments into the late 1960s


Lorry and Truck artist Mike Jefferies does the unit justice in our Happy Birthday card which would be ideal for anyone who has served on tanks or tank transporters or a model maker / enthusiast.

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