Motorcycle Marques - Norton Commando & Dominator Original

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Norton Commando & Dominator Original Oil Painting by Motorcycle Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA


Norton would produce a number of excellent motorcycles post war with the two seen here being their most successful.


The Dominator had started life in 1947, when designer Bert Hopwood penned a new 500cc engine to compete with the Triumph Speed Twin. While the Model 88 Dominator, see here handled beautifully due to the famous 'Featherbed' frame its was felt that more power was needed, resulting in the progression through 600cc to 650cc in the SS Model. 


To replace the Dominator as the flagship motorcycle, Norton released the 750cc Atlas, however this final increase in capacity was too much for the rider as vibration became a major problem. Curing this became a vitally important step for Norton and a new frame with isolastic mounts for the engine to reduce vibration to a manageable level was designed by Dr. Stefan Bauer and his team. Fitting the engine into a restyled motorcycle created one of Britain's only 'superbikes', the 750cc Commando, first produced in 1969. 


This is the original oil on canvas board painting from which our cards and prints are taken. It measures 16" x 12" (406mm x 305mm), with a framed size of 20" x 16" (508mm x 406mm


The image is number 1 in our range of 10 pictures for our "Motorcycle Marques" range

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