Paul Whitehouse - Red 5 - Nigel Mansell

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Nigel Mansell Williams Red 5 FW14 Racing Car Formula 1 F1 Birthday Card


The most successful British F1 driver with over thirty victories, Nigel Mansell is still a hero to many aspiring racers, whatever their age. This card shows him at the height of his fame, driving the equalling famous FW14 series car ‘Red 5’. William’s FW-14 series were potent adversaries and incorporated a number of technological breakthroughs that are now banned. This made the FW-14b cars of the 1992 season some of the most technologically advanced ever to participate in F1. Originally coming together in 1991, Mansell and the FW14 made a great team but initial unreliability of some of the new technologies gave Mansell to do to win the Drivers Championship. The 1992 season saw Mansell break a number of records including winning the first five races of the season. Mansell went on to win the championship and also won BBC Sports Personality of the Year.


Our F1 Birthday Card would be perfect for anyone with a love of F1 but especially for those who can remember Mansell at the height of his power and rivalry with Ayrton Senna.

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