Robin Pinnock - Busy Days at Yeovil

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Steam Train Blank Birthday Fathers Day Card showing Yeovil station


Evoking memories of balmyBritish summers where steam locomotives would haul eager holiday makers to thefar flung destinations of England, Scotland and Wales, Robin Pinnock'sbeautiful blank card also shows some of the most interesting steam locomotivesfound in Britain.

Oliver Bulleid had movedto the Southern Railway from the LNER and instantly transformed the railwaywith modifications to existing designs and the production of three classeswhich have since gone on to gain significant fame. The Q1 was an ungainlylooking but extremely powerful 0-6-0 freight engine, while the Merchant Navy4-6-2 and their smaller brethren, the West Country / Battle of Britain classhave gone on to become some of the best performers in preservation. Here we seeWest Country, 34015 Yeovil

Behind are two stalwartsof branch lines on the GWR and Southern Railway and later still BR. These are the M7 0-4-4 and 57xx 0-6-0 pannier tank.

This really is a super card and would be ideal for use on any occasion. 


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