Kungsholm at John Brown Shipyard

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Ocean Liner Marine painting Art Print of the Swedish America Line ship Kungsholm at the John Brown shipyard.


The fourth ship of the name, Kungsholm would be the last major liner built for Swedish America line, being delivered in 1966. Displacing 26,000 tons the Kungsholm was also the largest ship to be used by SAL. Extremely graceful, her interiors were the most luxurious ever seen on a Swedish America Line ship.  Passenger numbers were fairly small by standards of the day, with around 700 people being carried on a Trans-Atlantic run and just 400 on a cruise but her service speed of 21 knots and top speed of 25 knots made her the fastest ship in the SAL fleet.


Kungsholm was welcomed to Sweden on 17 March 1966 by thousands of people lining the quayside at Goteborg. Her design and grace made her an instant favourite and she quickly became known as the "Ship of Ages", often being compared in style and grace to the two great French Line ships, France and Normandie.


Despite operating both Kungholm and Gripsholm at a profit, the head management decided that the days of large passenger ships was over and in 1975 the ship was sold on. In 2013 the ship is still extant, as the highly modified Mona Lisa and is currently being used as an accommodation ship in Oman.


Robert Lloyd's Marine Art Painting Print shows the ship just completed at the John Brown yard early in 1966. The ship in the next berth is the QE2.

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