Find & Strike - Fox Armoured Car & Westland Lynx

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Alvis Damiler Fox Armoured Car & Westland Lynx - Royal Yeomanry BAOR Scout Car & Helicopter Painting Art Print by Lee Lacey AGAvA


Serving from 1973 until 1994, the CVR(W)  Fox armoured car was armed with the same 30mm Rarden cannon as the Scimitar variant in the CVR(T) family and the later Warrior IFV. The vehicle was very fast both on and off road, though a number of reliability issues and instability over cross-country meant that the vehicle would be retired earlier than was possibly foreseen. Its turret has been retrofitted on the CVR(T) Scorpion chassis to produce the Sabre variant of the family. The Fox served with British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) throughout its service and is a well liked, though fairly scarce vehicle on the preservation scene.


The Westland Lynx has seen a wholly more successful service than the Fox, being produced in numerous variants and exported around the world. In BAOR, the aircraft was optimised for numerous roles, this particular aircraft being set-up for that of Anti-Armour with two batteries of TOW missiles. The painting is set during exercise in Germany during 1989.  


This print has been released in two sizes, both of 100 copies each. All prints come signed and numbered by the artst.



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