Radar Raiders - Hawker Typhoon

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In the weeks leading up to D-Day, RAF Hawker Typhoon squadrons were tasked with attacking German military assets on the ground in France and Belgium in order to hamper the enemy's ability to counter the allied invasion.
As well as transport, airfields, troops and artillery, many German radar installations were targeted and one such station was on high ground at Jobourg on the Cherbourg peninsula.
On 24th May 1944, Typhoons from 198 and 609 Squadrons flew in at low level, attacking the site with RP-3 rockets. The area was heavily defended by anti-aircraft flak batteries and the mission suffered heavy losses. One Typhoon, MN410 ‘G’ piloted by F/O Harold Freeman RCAF had its tail shot off and collided with Typhoon JR527 ‘M’ flown by F/Sgt Edward Valelly RAFVR, both fatally crashing into the radar site itself. The station was put out of action permanently.
This painting depicts Sqn. Ldr. John Niblett pulling away in Typhoon MN192 ‘H’ after leading the attack on the ‘Mammut (Mammoth) F’ antenna array. Niblett was killed just over a week later during a similar attack near Dieppe. He was 24.
The site at Jobourg is now occupied by a French coastguard station and helipad.

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