Alaskan Alert - Bristol Blenheim Bollingbroke


Bristol Blenheim Bollingbroke Canadian RCAF Aircraft Aviation Art Print by Artist Charles J. Thompson GAvA, ASAA


One of the true un-sung heroes of the Allied airforces during WWII was the Bristol Blenheim, seen here in its Canadian guise as the Bollingbroke. When first delivered, the Blenheim was one of the fastest bombers of its time and was able to outpace all British fighters then in service. It later became one of the first multi-role aircraft with both Mk.I and Mk.IV aircraft serving as bombers, fighters, night fighters and maritime strike aircraft before the introduction of the Mosquito and Beaufighter.


Even with the introduction of these aircraft, the Blenheim / Bollingbroke gave further service in the Desert and Far East and as a trainer. The Bollingbroke was manufactured by Fairchild in Canada and was used mainly for Maritime Patrol, the Bollingbroke IV differing from its British cousin by having different instruments and engines.  

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