Approaching Thunder - Hawker Typhoon & Sherman Firefly

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Hawker Typhoon & Sherman Firefly Tank RAF, British Aviation Aircraft Art Painting Print by Aviation Artist Paul Couper


After D-Day, the Allied armies had to fight in the Normandy Bocage country. With the terrain unsuitable for massed tank warfare, and with British and American designs being significantly inferior to many of their German contemporaries, the Allies relied greatly on the two pieces of equipment seen here. The aircraft are the ubiquitous 'Tiffy', rocket firing Hawker Typhoons that would play a significant role in the destruction of the German Army in the Falaise pocket. The tank in the picture is a Sherman Firefly, armed with the superlative British 17pdr gun. Though still as vulnerable to enemy fire as any other Sherman, the gun gave it the ability of destroying even the heavily armoured Panther, Tiger and King Tiger at up to 900 yards. 

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