Awaiting Her Fate - Bismarck

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Awaiting Her Fate - Bismarck German Battleship Art Print by John Stewart


Though relatively short, the career of Bismarck has seen her become one of the most famous battleships ever to put to sea. Well-armed, extremely well protected and with excellent speed, the ship could have proven to be a true menace to the convoy system feeding and arming Britain. Her legendary battle with HMS Hood and subsequent engagement and sinking by units of the British Home Fleet remains one of the most widely told of WWII stories.


This painting by John Stewart shows her after the attack by aircraft from HMS Ark Royal, which damaged her sufficiently to send the great ship into a vast circular movement, allowing HMS King George V and HMS Rodney to bring their vast armaments to bear. HMS Dorsetshire would deliver the coup de grace with torpedoes after Bismarck had been reduced to a flaming hulk.


The first of John Stewart's originals to be offered for sale by Hansen Fine Art, this Gouache on Watercolour board painting comes framed, glazed and ready to hang. It measures 30" x 21" (762mm x 564mm). Would potential purchasers please contact us for a Buyers Pack

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