Baldwin's Typhoon - Hawker Typhoon

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Hawker Typhoon Aviation Aircraft Plane Art Painting Print of Johnny Baldwin by Aviation Artist Neil Hipkiss


As the top scoring pilot on the Typhoon, Johnny Baldwin should be better known. Unlike a number of more famous aces, Baldwin's career started well after the Battle of Britain and having completed flying training was posted to 609 Sqn in November 1942.


Baldwin first came to prominence when, on 20th January 1943 and with only his wingman for support, he attacked a formation of Bf 109 on a fighter-bomber mission. In the ensuing battle he shot down three and was awarded the DFC.


His rise up the ranks was fast, not slowed by an encounter with an Fw 190 where he was wounded and in November 1943 he was promoted to Squadron Leader of 198 Squadron. By this time he had increased his score to six victories. Steady victory claims amounted until his tour of duty was over in March 1944.


However, his rest period would be cut short by the loss of the commander of 146 Wing, Baldwin being called back to duty to take over. He was to be issued with two similarly marked Typhoons, one of which is seen here. In these aircraft his tally would rise to 15 by the time he was promoted to Group Captain.


Baldwin would remain in the RAF post war and go on to serve as a liaison officer with the USAF in Korea, where he was posted as missing in action, neither his aircraft or body have ever been found. 

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