Black Prince - Fred Olsen Line

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Black Prince Cruise Liner Ship used by DFDS, Norway Line & Fred Olsen Marine Painting Art Print by Artist Harley Crossley


Originally built as a car ferry, Black Prince and her sister-ship Jupiter were unusual in being dual-owned and operated. Sailing on her maiden voyage for Fred Olsen in 1967, Black Prince would be used as a cruise liner / freighter to the Canary Islands in the winter months, while for the summer she reverted to her initial role as a ferry for the Bergen Line and operated under the name Venus. 


This arrangement lasted for some twenty years, when it was decided that both companies should retain one ship, Black Prince going to Olsen's. It was at this time that she was converted to a Cruise Ship permanently. Sailing from both Harwich and Southampton, the ship gained an enviable record on short cruises around Europe.


Regulation changes made the ship untenable as a cruise ship in the mid-2000s and after a time with the United Nations in 2010, the author is unsure of where and what may have happened to her.

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