Boreham Marauders - Martin B-26 Marauder

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Martin B-26 Marauder 394th Bomb Group US 9th Air Force Art Print by Artist Chris French FGAvA


Boreham airfield, just north of the Essex town of Chelmsford will always be remembered for its association with the USAAF 9th Air Force and the B-26 Marauder especially. Opened in 1944, the airfield became home to both the 394th Bombardment Wing and 315th Troop Carrier Group. 


The Martin B-26 Marauder had a troubled beginning, becoming known as the “widow-maker” due to numerous crashes and engine failures. From 1944 however the aircraft became one of the most important aircraft in the USAAF arsenal, becoming indispensable during the lead up to D-Day. Here several traverse the perimeter track prior to take-off 

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