Buccaneer - 12 Squadron


Blackburn Buccaneer 12 Squadron Aviation Art Painting Print by Aviation Artist Graham Henderson GAvA


As the first British aircraft to take advantage of the area rule principle, the Blackburn Buccaneer would make its mark as both a naval and land-based strike aircraft. With the withdrawal of HMS Ark Royal (RO9), Britain's last big carrier, the aircraft was made available to the RAF which at that time had no comparable aircraft after the axing of the TSR.2 programme and failure to procure the F111. 


RAF pilots were initially sceptical of the aircraft but would come to adore its ability to strike from incredibly low levels. The first squadron to equip with the aircraft was 12 Squadron,famous for their Foxes head emblem that would later adorn all their 'Buccs, in 1969'.


Graham Henderson's Aviation Art Painting shows an aircraft from 12 Squadron at extreme low level, a job the squadron became renowned for being able to perform.

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