Bullet - Morane Saulnier N

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Morane Saulnier Type N - WWI Aviation Art


The Morane Saulnier type N, commonly known as the "Bullet" due to the shape of its spinner, was an early French-built monoplane which utilized wing warping technology for maneuvering. Used by the French, Britsh and Russians, the design, though sleek, was difficult to fly.

Perhaps the most notable features of the Bullet were the metal deflector wedges mounted on the back of the propeller blades. These deflector wedges were aligned with the machine gun barrel and were an early, though flawed, solution to the problem of how to fire a machine gun through the propeller arc.

Bullet features the Morane-Saulnier "Bullet" flown by Capt. R Smith-Barry of Sixty SQ RFC. On June 3, 1916, this particular machine was badly damaged in a landing and removed from the squadron.


Printed on acid free stock with fade resistant inks, the print is signed by Russell Smith.

The image size of this print is 17" x 10". The overall size including borders is 19" x 13"

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