Butterworth Bruisers - Gloster Javelin Original

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Original Aviation Art Oil on Canvas Painting of Gloster Javelins taking off from RAF Butterworth by Aviation Artist Chris French GAvA


Designed to a specification originating in 1947, the Gloster Javelin prototype took to the air for the first time in 1951. Production FAW.1 aircraft were delivered to 46 Squadron based at RAF Odiham in 1956 but the aircraft was severely restricted in its flight envelope due to concerns over its stall characteristic. Further variations followed until many of the faults had been ironed out in the later FAW.7, FAW.8 and FAW.9 aircraft. These last two marks were new-build aircraft (FAW.8) and earlier FAW.7 aircraft brought up to FAW.8 standard (FAW.9). The later marks incorporated much more powerful and reheated Saphhire 200 series engines, improved Air-Interception radar and the introduction of the Firestreak missile. The first of these improved aircraft entered service in 1958 and from then did good service both at home and overseas. The Javelin will forever be remembered for its use from Singapore, especially with number 60 Squadron.


In Chris French’s aviation art painting, two Javelin’s have scrambled for another CAP over the jungles from their base at RAF Butterworth, Malaya (now Malaysia). This base would be their home until disbandment in 1968. 


This is the original oil on canvas painting, commissioned by Hansen Fine Art and from which our Open and Limited Edition prints are taken. The painting has been accepted and displayed at both the 2013 GAvA Annual Exhibition, London and the 2013 Midland Air Museum Exhibition at Coventry


This original, framed and varnished painting comes ready to hang and measures 85cm x 61cm. Could interested parties please contact us by email to arrange payment and delivery

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