Desert Duel - Messerschmitt Bf109E

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Messerschmitt Bf-109E JG27 Afrika Aviation Art Limited Edition Print by Aviation Artist Darryl Legg

The Messerschmitt Bf109s of JG.27 provided much of the fighter cover for the German Afrika Korps and arrived in theatre between April and December 1941. Here the units pilots would be pitted against the Commonwealth squadrons flying both the Hawker Hurricane and Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk/Kittyhawk series. 

Here a Bf-109E-7 is being tailed by a Hawker Hurricane Mk.II of the  South African Air Force.  While outclassed by this time of the war, the Hurricane still gained a number of aerial victories over the western desert. 

Artist Darryl Legg has been experimenting with a new, looser style for his most recent works and this certainly helps to capture the action and movement involved aerial combat in this theatre.


Our LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT of only 50 COPIES has an image size of 18" x 9" (450mm x 230mm)

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