Diver Patrol - Hawker Tempest

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Hawker Tempest Aviation Art Limited Edition Print - 486 Squadron by Aviation Artist Darryl Legg


Having shot down more V-1 flying bombs than any other type, the Hawker Tempest deserves a special place in the annals of Aviation History. 


Though often described as a Typhoon development, it had looked very different in prototype form with a number of different powerplants being used, the Sabre-powered Mk.V and Centaurus-powered Mk.II finally entering service.


During the V-1 campaign Tempests were found to be extremely fast and stable at lower altitudes and also during night-flying, the Tempest-equipped Newchurch Wing shooting down 638 of the RAF total of 1771 'Flying Bombs' destroyed. 


On this particular sortie, the pilot was directed to intercept a V1 and as he broke through the cloud base, he saw the flying bomb on his tail. The pilot then banked violently to port and the turbulent wake of the tempest destabilised the V1 and interrupted its course. It crashed/exploded in an empty field.


Darryl Legg's Limited Edition Aviation Art Print shows a Mk.V of 486 New Zealand squadron 


Our LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT of only 50 COPIES has an image size of 14" x 10"

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