Early Bird on the Medina - Saro SR A.1

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Aviation Art Print of a Saro SR A.1 Jet fighter prototype.


Aviation Artist David Calow shows one of the most original aircraft ever to be built in Britain, the Saro SR A.1 Jet Flying Boat Fighter. The development of this highly unusual aircraft was initiated when the RAF learned of the success of float-plane fighters such as the A6M2-N Rufe and K1N1 George in the island hopping campaigns of the Pacific war.


Design and production of a prototype was protracted and it was not until 1947 that the first aircraft flew, followed by two further examples. By this stage, and with the end of the war, the aircraft was no longer deemed necessary. In addition to this, the use of American carrier-based aircraft with their better performance had completely negated the need for a float-plane or flying boat fighter. 

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