Eye of the Storm - D.H Sea Vixen

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De Havilland Sea Vixen of 899 Squadron Aviation Art Print by Aviation Artist Graham Holme


The magnificent De Havilland Sea Vixen served with the Fleet Air Arm for over a decade between 1957 and 1970 before being superseded by the McDonnell-Douglas Phantom.


As with so many other De Havilland designs, the Sea Vixen, which had started life as the DH.110, was a very unique concept as while looking for all the world like a single seater there was a second crewman, cramped beside the pilot with no field of vision. While being somewhat of an anachronism as a weapons system, the fighter was supersonic and many commentators felt that when the aircraft was fully retired in 1972 that the end had come too soon.


Thankfully there are a number of aircraft preserved in Museums and a single example still flies, giving exhilarating displays wherever it attends. 


Graham Holmes Aviation Art Painting shows the Aircraft at high speed low over the sea, probably a nerve wrecking experience for the observer who would have no idea just how low they actually were!   

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