Fairbank's Tempest - Hawker Tempest

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Hawker Tempest Aviation Aircraft Plane Art Painting Print of David Fairbanks by Aviation Artist Neil Hipkiss


Famed for its superb low-level ability and its "Buzz-bomb" killing, the Tempest was also a successful air superiority fighter and in the short time it served in the frontline several notable aces made their name on the type. 


Most notable of all was the leading ace on type, David Fairbanks, who, after serving with 501 Sqn and scoring his first victory, was posted to 274 Sqn which was promptly posted to the continent as part of 122 Wing after D-Day. It was not until December that he would score with this unit but would build steadily through January, including in this period a stint with 3 Sqn before returning to 274 as CO. His first victory upon returning was an Arado Ar234, making this one of the very few to be destroyed by British fighters. His finally tally was 11 and one shared.


His rise up the ranks was fast, not slowed by an encounter with an Fw 190 where he was wounded and in November 1943 he was promoted to Squadron Leader of 198 Squadron. By this time he had increased his score to six victories. Steady victory claims amounted until his tour of duty was over in March 1944.


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