Fiat Fighter - Fiat G.50

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Fiat G.50 Fighter Italian Airplane Aviation Art Limited Edition Print by Aviation Artist Darryl Legg


Along with the Macchi M.C.200, the Fiat G.50 was among the first monoplane fighters used by Italy's air force. First flown in 1937, the first batch of 45 aircraft was initially equipped with a rearward sliding canopy but after complaints from pilots omitted from later machines. 778 were built and a number supplied to Croatia, Finland and Spain. In fact twelve aircraft had fought in the Spanish Civil War during the conflicts final weeks.


In comparison with other fighter designs of the same time, the G.50 was somewhat slow and lacking in firepower, with only a pair of 12.7mm machine guns. Despite this, the aircraft saw fairly extensive service, notably over Malta and in the North African campaign.


Darryl Legg's Aviation Art Print shows a G.50 on escort duty for Luftwaffe Ju-87 Stuka. 

Our LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT of only 50 COPIES has an image size of 14" x 10.25"

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