First In All Things Original Painting - Eurofighter , Harrier GR.9, Harrier GR.3, Fury


1 Squadron History Original Painting / Drawing by Graham Henderson GAvA

Graham Henderson's newest venture is to celebrate some of the most famous squadrons in the RAF, RN and USAF. 

Here the artist shows some of the  aircraft most associated with 1 Squadron, RAF. The squadron is one of the original three squadrons of the RFC and can trace its lineage back to 1878 and no.1 Balloon Company. The squadron is well known for its use of the long line of Hawker and Hawker-Siddeley aircraft, . The first of these was the Hawker Fury and one of these beautiful aircraft is included. Later the squadron would become one of the main users of the Harrier and two different versions of this magnificent aircraft are shown, portraying the Squadron's 40 year association with the VTOL masterpiece. Lastly he has depicted a Eurofighter Typhoon, which the squadron has used since 2012

This is the original painting/ pencil drawing from which our prints are taken. It comes framed ready to hang and measures 18" x 14" (45cm x 35cm) 

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