First To Four Figures- Fairey FD.2 Delta

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Fairey FD.2 Delta Aviation Painting Art Print by Aviation Artist Chris French GAvA


The Fairey FD.2 Delta will forever be remembered for its capturing of the world speed record for air when, on 10 March 1956, it became the first aircraft to exceed 1,000mph in level flight. This record of 1,132mph stood for over a year and remains a tribute to the men and women of the British aero industry of the time. By doing so, its pilot, Peter Twiss, became the first man to fly faster than the sun moves around the earth.


The aircraft, of which two were made, were later passed to BAC, becoming testbeds for numerous technologies for use in the Concorde project. Although now in much modified forms to how they were originally built both aircraft were preserved, one at the RAF Museum, Cosford and the other at the Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton. 

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