Green Tails Return - Albatros D.V

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Albatros D.V of Fritz Rumey, Jasta 5 WWI Aircraft Aviation Art Print by Artist Lee Lacey AGAvA.


As one of the best known of the German Jasta, the "Green Tails" produced numerous notable aces, the units 'Ace of Aces' being Fritz Rumey, whose aircraft bore a striking colour scheme of numerous black and white stripes, as seen here. Rumey was unusual among the heavy scoring aces in achieving the majority of his 'kills' over enemy fighters.  The unit was commanded for several months by Wilhelm Lehman and it is Lehman's aircraft that can be seen in the background.


In Lee Lacey's aviation art painting, The aircraft are seen returning to their base at Boistrancourt.  


This print is available in two sizes, each limited to 100 copies each and are signed and numbered by the artist. 

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