Hayate over the Homeland - Nakajima Ki-84

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Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate "Frank" Aviation Art Limited Edition Print - 47th Sentai by Aviation Artist Darryl Legg


Nakajima's Ki-84 Hayate (Gale) entered service in the summer of 1944 and immediately proved itself a worthy opponent to both the North American P-51 and the Republic P-47.


In designing the Ki-84, Nakajima took a more western approach with features such as armour plating and self-sealing fuel tanks that had been lacking on some of the company's earlier products. Following swiftly on from the prototype's first flight in April 1943, a unit equipped with pre-production examples were operating by the middle of 1943. Production was geared up by the end of 1943 but standards in manufacture had already begin to take hold and a number of production faults plagued the aircraft.


Despite this the Ki-84, codenamed 'Frank' by the Allies, was the most respected opponent seen over the Japanese home islands. Darryl Legg's Aviation Art Painting shows examples operating with the 47th Sentai. 


Our LIMITED EDITION ART PRINT of only 50 COPIES has an image size of 14" x 10.25"

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