Heavy Weather - HMS Andromeda F57

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Leander Class Frigate HMS Andromeda F57 Navy Ship Art Print by Artist John Stewart


A broad-beamed Batch 3 Leander class frigate, HMS Andromeda was the last ship constructed at Portsmouth dockyard. Launched in May 1967, she entered service in 1969, serving through to 1994 when she was sold to the Indian Navy as a training ship. Known to the crew as the “Heinz Varieties” due to her pennant number of F57 there is a thriving association for all that served on her http://www.hms-andromeda.co.uk/


John Stewart’s painting shows the ship in one of the heavy seas around the English coast. The ship would see service in the Falklands conflict of 1982 as close support for HMS Invincible.

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