Himalaya at Tilbury - P&O Himalaya

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Ocean Liner Marine Art Print of the P&O liner Himalaya


Having a career which spanned no fewer than twenty-five years, Himalaya was one of the most successful ships built for P&O in the post-WWII period.


Originally conceived as an ocean liner for the route between Tilbury and Sydney, Himalaya was to find herself equally at home on cruises all over the globe. She also became something of a pioneer for new technology, being the first liner to be fitted with Weir evaporating equipment for the desalination of sea water which helped save P&O £1,500 per trip to Australia. Other innovative features included the Thornycroft “Top” to her funnel which arrested soots and stabilisers which were fitted during a re-fit in 1958. Air-conditioning was also later fitted in 1959. This continual improvement made her a very popular ship and she carried the Australian cricket team to England in 1963, captained by Richie Benaud. From 1969 to her eventual retirement in 1974, Himalaya was based at Southampton, P&O having moved all operations there.


In Marine Artist Robert Lloyd's Marine Ocean Liner Painting, Himalaya is seen  at Tilbury

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