HMS Eagle off Gibraltar - HMS Eagle R05

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Royal Navy Art Print showing the Aircraft Carrier HMS Eagle by Marine Artist John Stewart


Serving for over twenty years, HMS Eagle was the second from last large fleet carrier with the Royal Navy. With an air-wing equipped with Sea Vixen, Buccaneers, Scimitars, Gannets aircraft and Wessex helicopters, the carrier was able to undertake the full array of naval operations. 


She was also one of the last Royal Navy ships to serve in far-flung areas of the Commonwealth, with her withdrawal in 1972 being seen as a major regression in Britain's power as a world player.

The Original Painting is available, please see our John Stewart section under Original Art


With the introduction of the new HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales in 2020, the R.N will be able to deploy two true fleet carriers for the first time in fifty years.

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