HMS Liverpool (D92)

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HMS Liverpool (D92) - Type 42 Destroyer Pencil Drawing by Naval Artist Len Hutton


The last of the Batch 2 Type 42 destroyers in service, HMS Liverpool had been ordered in 1977 from the Cammell Laird yard of Birkenhead. Launched in 1980, she missed the Falklands War by a few months but was the first ship to take up an active station there after the war.


In 1995 she helped in the evacuation of the island of Monserrat when a volcano erupted, with her presence being . In 2003, Liverpool had been due to go on exercise but in the event was drafted into a task force that headed for the Gulf. From 2009 she was refitted and returned in 2010.


In 2011, Liverpool was part of the international force enforcing the embargo of military goods into Libya, then in the throws of its civil war. In this duty she stopped the MV Setubel Express, which was carrying arms for the Gaddaffi regime. On this same duty she became the first R.N ship to come under attack since the Falklands when she was fired upon by Libyan shore batteries, returning fire with her 4.5” gun. On this same duty she was also used for shore bombardment against pro-Government forces.


It had already been decided that this tour would be her last and after a final visit to Liverpool she was decommissioned on 30th March 2012 and is currently awaiting disposal at Portsmouth.


Len Hutton’s Royal Navy Ship Drawing shows the Type 42 destroyer HMS Liverpool on the final leg of her last tour. In addition to the ship, a small rendition of the ships' badge is also included in the drawing.


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