HMS Northumberland - F238 Type 23 Frigate

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Royal Navy Marine Ship Art Print of the Type 23 Class Frigate HMS Northumberland F238 by Maritime Artist Graham Holme


Launched by Lady Kerr at the Swan Hunter yard in 1992, HMS Northumberland was taken into Royal Navy service in 1994 and has been deployed to the Falklands, the Caribbean on anti-narcotics work and received a refit in 2004-05 which updated her armament with a new 4.5" gun (the old type is shown in the print). The re-fit also gave her the capability to house and operate the Merlin helicopter, rather than the smaller Lynx which she had shipped previously.


More recently she has been involved in anti-piracy work, which has been very successful and received another re-fit in 2011, after which she resumed her anti-narcotics work, this time in the Indian Ocean. .

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