HMS Tiger (C20)

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HMS Tiger (C20) - Tiger Class Helicopter Command Cruiser Pencil Drawing by Naval Artist Len Hutton


The last class of British cruiser to enter service, HMS Tiger and her sisters HMS Lion and HMS Blake were completed from hulls suspended at the end of WWII. Much modified to their original design and with an armament of four 6” and six 3” guns, all with much higher rates of fire than the guns used during the war.


Tiger and Blake would be heavily modified again into Command Helicopter Carriers, maintaining their forward armament but having a spacious hangar with facilities for up to six helicopters as well as an improved missile armament. Tiger was so completed in 1972 and remained as Flagship of the Fleet until she paid off in 1978. She remained at Portsmouth for another eight years before being towed to Spain and broken up.


Len Hutton’s Royal Navy ship drawing shows the cruiser HMS Tiger in her later guise between 1972 and 1978.


We currently also have the original pencil drawing for sale. To view this, please go to our Original Art section or click the following link Len Hutton Original Art

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