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SEPECAT Jaguar 'Katrina Jane' Coltishall Jaguar Wing Gulf War I, Iraq 1991 Aviation Art Print by Aviation Artist Graham Holme


XZ119 "Katrina Jane" is a Jaguar GR.1A that served with 41 Squadron of the Coltishall Jaguar Wing, comprising 6, 41 and 54 Squadrons when the unit was detached for service in Gulf War I. The aircraft was to complete 40 missions between October 1990 and March 1991, being flown by Fg. Off. MacCormac. The long established tradition of adding nose art to aircraft in a warzone meant that all British aircraft in theatre were used as canvases.


Having served for another decade, the aircraft was retired and is now preserved at the Museum of Flight at East Fortune, Scotland, restored to her resplendent Gulf War "Make-up". .

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