Marquis de Turenne - SPAD XIII

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SPAD XIII Aces - Marquis de Turenne - WWI Aviation Painting


Capitaine Armand Jean Galliot Joseph, more formally known as the Marquis de Turenne, was a former cavalry officer who transferred to the aviation section after the start of WW1. Starting out as a Nieuport pilot assigned to N28, de Turenne scored 6 victories with that unit before being assigned as the commander of SPA12, where he wouold eventually score another 9 victories. Upon transferring to SPA12 de Turenne chose to retain the cockerel's head of his old unit as his personal marking.


Printed on acid free stock with fade resistant inks, the print is signed by Russell Smith.

The image size of this print is 15" x 10.5". Overall size including borders is 17" x 13"

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