Normandie at Le Havre

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Ocean Liner Marine Painting Print of the French Line CGT liner Normandie at her home port of Le Havre


One of the most glamourous of Ocean Liners, Normandie had an extremely quick rise to fame after her capturing the Blue Riband from the Italian Liner Rex and then the great duel with Cunard's Queen Mary.


Built with heavy Government funding. the ship was launched in October 1932 and fitted out in an astonishingly lavish way with the finest of French design and later cuisisne. Largest liner in the world until 1940, the ship was considered by many passengers as too lavish and the ship never made a profit in its short history.


Laid up at the beginning of WWII she would be seized by the American government while in New York, but while being converted to a troopship causght fire and capsized.

John Stewart's marine art painting art print shows the ship at Le Havre with one of its running mates, the Ile de France seen in the background.

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