Normandie's Maiden Arrival - SS Normandie

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The subject of one of the most elaborate advertising campaigns in history, SS Normandie has become famous for her short career as much as her grace, speed and glamour.

Having departed Le Havre on the 29th May 1935 the ship arrived in New York after four days, three hours and fourteen minutes, thus capturing the coveted Blue Riband from the Italian liner Rex and arriving to the thoroughfare seen in the painting.  As French Line CGT’s flagship, Normandie had been laid down in 1931, she was launched in 1932 but took over three years to fit out. Part of the lines “Atlantic Trio” the ship became a symbol of modernity in France and her her loss in 1942 while being converted to a troopship was a great shock to the country as well as the Allied war effort


John Stewart’s Liner art is simply wonderful and recreates the carnival atmosphere of the arrival of one of these great ships terrifically. The Normandie and her cutting-edge design are placed in contrast to the Statue of Liberty and one of the old steamers that used to ply the waters around New York

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