Off The Ambrose Light - SS Ile de France

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Ile de France -French Line CGT Ocean Liner Art


One of the most elegant ships ever to set sail, Ile de France was the first liner to become a true design icon as its interiors were not mere copies of famous hotels, as had been the benchmark for earlier vessels but were modern art-deco marvels themselves.

Completed in 1927, the ship was the first new-build to displace over 40,000 tons since WWI with her maiden voyage taking place on 22nd June 1927. She offered improved conditions for steerage passengers and would sail up to WWII, becoming an allied troop-ship during it.

After WWII she was re-fitted, having her funnel arrangement changed to a pair from the earlier trio. This greatly changed her looks and this was how she stayed until her eventual scrapping in 1959.


The second of John Stewart’s paintings of the Ile de France it shows her with the twin funnel arrangement passing the Ambrose Light Ship  

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