Off The Cap de la Hague ? SS ?le de France

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Recognised as the most lavish of all the inter-war liners, SS Île de France had the honour of carrying more first-class passengers in the inter-war era than any other liner. Built at Chantiers de Penhoét, she could attain a speed of around 23.5 knots and carry 1,786 passengers. In service with the French line CGT her maiden voyage took place in 1927, the ships interiors marking the beginning of the Art Deco fashion aboard liners of the era and making her one of the most popular ships of her time. She became part of CGT’s ‘Atlantic-Trio’ from 1935, the super-liner ‘Normandie’ and ‘Paris’ being the others


Artist, John Stewart, states that the SS Île de France is his favourite liner and has depicted her on several other occasions. Here, she is seen off the Cap de la Hague with one of the small fishing trawlers of the area creating a nice contrast to the ultra-modern liner. 

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