Offloading at Port of Spain - Apapa

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Robert Lloyd marine painting of the Elder Dempster Lines vessel Apapa moored at Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.


Built for the Elder Dempster Line, Apapa and her close sister Accra were built for the Liverpool- West Africa run. Entering service in 1947, the ship was a dual cargo and passenger ship with first, second and third class accommodation. Despite their usual run to Africa, both Apapa and Accra could be found much further afield, as shown in the painting.


Progessively modified during their lives, Apapa was fully air conditioned by 1961. With the reduction in passenger numbers and growing containerisation, both ships were sold off in the late 1960s, Accra going to the breakers yard while Apapa was sold and became the Taipooshan.


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