On Morning's Golden Wings - Albatros D.V

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Albatros D.V aces - Ernst Udet - WWI Aviation Art


This piece is an aircraft portrait of Ernst Udet's Albatros D.V, #4476/17. Udet flew this bird in late summer/early fall of 1917 while with Jasta 37. It featured a varnished plywood fuselage, 5 color lozenge on the wings and rudder, a black and white striped horizontal stabilizer and his usual "LO" emblem on the side.


The landscape is loosely based on the village of Phalempin, where J37 was based during the period.

Printed on acid free stock with fade resistant inks, the print is signed by Russell Smith. The image size is 17" x 10" while overall the print measures 19" x 13".

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